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As a school committed to solving real world public problems, we recognize and support the significant value of faculty engagement with public and private actors outside of HKS. At the same time, as a school dedicated to serving the public interest, we understand that in the public mind and often in academia, the independence of research findings, policy analysis, public positions, and even teaching can be questioned when it is funded by or when the author receives significant outside support from a company, industry, national government or other organization which may have a financial, ideological, or political stake in that academic work.

To address this concern, Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School have adopted a set of disclosure and conflict of interest policies. The policies aim to balance the value of involvement with the real world actors we seek to understand, the legitimate desire of the public for transparency, and the autonomy and privacy interests of individual faculty members. A simple summary of our goal is "transparent engagement." This website is one of many tools available to our faculty for the purpose of public disclosure.

Outside Professional Activities For Jorrit de Jong


Botanic Garden’s Children Center (non-profit, Harvard) – Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dutch Ministry of the Interior (Case development and workshops on strategic public management)

Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice – National Police and Public Prosecution Service (Case development and workshop on collaborative governance and innovation in the fight against organized crime)

United Nations Development Program (Workshop on public sector innovation in Bangladesh)

Kafka Brigade (not-for-profit, The Netherlands) - (Board member, consultant)

United Knowledge, Inc (developing and conducting simulation exercises on negotiation and collaborative governance)  

Sint Maarten Government (Workshop on public innovation strategy)

Netherlands Institute for Co-operative Entrepreneurship (developing teaching cases on innovation strategies in health care)

OECD Public Sector Innovation Observatory Advisory Board (member)

Tilburg University (guest lectures on public sector innovation) 

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